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Excel, Web og Mobile

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Self-Service with Excel PLUS

It must be easy - can you excel, can you Jedox!

Enhances your options for a clear analysis of data. Gives you valuable and valid insights - as well as access to intelligent and modern budget and forecast.

Quick and user-friendly - budget and analysis

You can collect, calculate and present information in reports, Dashboards, KPIs, and Excel. Jedox delivers 2-way data flow with text and numbers to support, for example, your budget process - CPM and BI in a single system!

Simple integration

Easy setup that gives the organization insight into seconds

Jedox is a standard IT solution recognized by multiple analysis institutions in relation to 2-way text and speech process support, direct use of your Excel knowledge, response times (real-time), as well as a solution that offers the most value for money.

Jedox gives value

Jedox offers a comprehensive solution for presentation, analysis and budgeting in the most simple and user-friendly way for the business. Jedox can target information to all types of users - the management, business, finance and more.

Why Qbit?

Solutions that make sense

Qbit delivers costume made solutions, so our customers do not have to adapt or cope with. "A project of more than 3 months is NOT a project, but a problem." We deliver solutions in weeks, on time and on budget.


Qbit consultants have deep financial insight and business understanding that contribute to value and successful solutions with our customers.

Jedox Diamant Partner

Qbit is one of Jedox's most experienced and compelling solution houses. 1 among only 7 Jedox Dimond Partner Worldwide and Jedox Certified Training Center in Scandinavia.

We are people working together with people

We are at eye level with our customers and understand business. Our customers are at the center and it is important for us to achieve a good, efficient and trustworthy cooperation. Qbit consultants have deep financial insight and business understanding that contribute to value and successful solutions.

"In 2011 we were hitting the roof with our Excel model that had become very complex. We entered a Master Degree Training Session for the purpose of converting our Excel to Jedox within 3 months. Today we have used Jedox as our group budget and reporting platform for 5 years."

Jan Knudsen, Head of Business Controlling ABB A/S

"We chose a partnership with Qbit in August 2016 to use Jedox to  our Group Forecasts to more digitised and modern management platform.
We see great opportunities in the collaboration to eliminate / upgrade the Group's many complex and manual spreadsheets, with the more flexible and user-friendly Jedox. "

Anders Egeblad, Head of Corporate Finance, Tryg

"Rambøll chose Jedox as a group budget and forecasts the solution to all 500 budget users worldwide - due to self-service, flexibility, ease of use and price - and for the first time in history, Rambøll has delivered its consolidated group budget on time."

Christiane Johansen, Director Global Shared Support and Global Business Applications, Rambøll

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