Jedox Intro Course 210, 211, 251

Learn basic concepts of Jedox data management, Jedox analysis and data entry. With this course you lay a solid foundation for further development of your knowledge.

Create individual reports with element and data functions, optimize your reports with graphics and expand your knowledge of building complex planning scenarios.

Broaden your knowledge to the maintenance of database structures.
Use the Modeler to create and adjust components of a Jedox database.

The courses covers:

Course 210:

  • Introduction to Jedox OLAP
  • Ad hoc-analysis with "paste view"
  • Distribute Views
  • Enter data in Jedox cubes
  • Planning scenarios and distribution schemes

Course 211:

  • Advanced planning functions (controlled writings and distribution schemes
  • Create dynamic element list with subsets
  • Individual reports using the functions "Paste Elements" and "Paste Data Function"
  • Reports containing graphics

Course 251:

  • Create cubes and dynamize them
  • Implement multi-language functionality
  • Create and update dimensions
  • Add an maintain attributes


  • Knowledge of data storag in tabular form(lists)
  • Knowledge of how to edit Excel formulas (formula wizard, formula bar, F2-mode, structure of formulas)
  • Knowledge of how to deal with references (freeze referemces with F4)
  • Knowledge of standard Excel functions: Sum(), IF(), CONCATENATE() and the name manager

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Easy analysis and planning with Jedox
- Jedox Course 210


1 day

Course objectives:

After this course students will be able to effectively analyze data and create plannings with Jedox. You learn these fundamental concepts: Introduction to multidimensional models and create reports and enter data.

Target group:

This course is directed at everybody just starting with Jedox and aiming for an overview of basic functionality how to read and write data.

Advanced analysis and planning functions
- Jedox Course 211


1 day

Course objectives:

After this course students will be able to build complex and dynamic reports with Jedox and optimize their planning using advanced features

Target group:

This course is directed at users who want to deppen their knowledge of report design to provide complex reports for analysis and planning.

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Modeling and maintenance of database structures
- Jedox Course 251


1 day

Course objectives:

After this course student will be able to set up a Jedox database with dimensions, attributes and cubes as well as to adapt these structures to changed requirements.

Target group:

This course is directed at users who want to broaden their fundemental Jedox knowledge to the maintenance of data structures.

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After this course students will be able to build a dynamic report with DynaRanges and form elements using Jedox Web and to enhance it with business charts and further calculations.

After this course students will be able to retrieve data from various sources and to transform it for different load processes, to build dimensions.

After this course students will be able to seamlessly link multiple Web templates, optimize the user interface and the intuitive usability through dynamic navigation and much more.

"In 2011 we were hitting the roof with our Excel model that had become very complex. We entered a Master Degree Training Session for the purpose of converting our Excel to Jedox within 3 months. Today we have used Jedox as our group budget and reporting platform for 5 years."

Jan Knudsen, Head of Business Controlling ABB A/S

"We chose a partnership with Qbit in August 2016 to use Jedox to  our Group Forecasts to more digitised and modern management platform.
We see great opportunities in the collaboration to eliminate / upgrade the Group's many complex and manual spreadsheets, with the more flexible and user-friendly Jedox. "

Anders Egeblad, Head of Corporate Finance, Tryg

"Rambøll chose Jedox as a group budget and forecasts the solution to all 500 budget users worldwide - due to self-service, flexibility, ease of use and price - and for the first time in history, Rambøll has delivered its consolidated group budget on time."

Christiane Johansen, Director Global Shared Support and Global Business Applications, Rambøll