About Qbit

Solutions that makes sense

Jedox Diamond Partner

Dedicated Jedox partner that ensures quality and solutions that make sense

Qbit is a specialized BI consultancy firm in Herlev, with extensive knowledge in economics, activity and budget management. We offer a highly competitive, user-friendly and modern solution for budget management, based on the German successful product Jedox, which is 100% Excel integrated.

The 3 important questions:

Why are we here?

Our goal is to make both private and public companies more efficient and competitive using modern IT standard systems, such as budget management.

What do we want?

We will build a trustworthy cooperation, to ensure success in our cooperation and deliveries, focusing on delivering on time and within the agreed budget.

Who are we?

Experts in private and public management, with more than 15 years of experience in digitizing and streamlining financial management, used to deliver industry-standard and individual solutions.

Why Qbit believes in Jedox implementations


With Excel users


On Barc market analysis




Growth every year

Many years experience with budget and financial management

We have some of the country's most talented consultants, who have many years of experience in implementing budget and business intelligence solutions at both public and private companies at home and abroad. We offer a thorough review of your financial and budget management focusing on achieving efficiency gains, better process management and user-friendliness.

How do we do it?

We have chosen to collaborate with the German successful software house, Jedox AG, which offers a modern and recognized standard system. Unlike other suppliers, Jedox offers "all-in-one", which means that all components for an overall solution are included. This is to ensure high performance, user-friendliness and extremely competitive price. We make it manageable and efficient for our clients to work with financial and budget management.

Why Qbit?

Solutions that makes sense

Qbit delivers costume made solutions, so our customers do not have to adapt or cope with. "A project of more than 3 months is NOT a project, but a problem." We deliver solutions in weeks, on time and on budget.


Qbit consultants have deep financial insight and business understanding that contribute to value and successful solutions with our customers.

Jedox Diamond Partner

Qbit is one of Jedox's most experienced and compelling solution houses. 1 among only 7 Jedox Dimond Partner Worldwide and Jedox Certified Training Center in Scandinavia.

We are people working together with people

We are at eye level with our customers and understand business. Our customers are at the center and it is important for us to achieve a good, efficient and trustworthy cooperation. Qbit consultants have deep financial insight and business understanding that contribute to value and successful solutions.